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From parent to parent

Acknowledging, diagnosing and registering vaccine injuries is a taboo topic for many doctors, government officials and media. Therefore parents don't have enough information and are often unaware that their child's (chronic) health problems might be a vaccine side effect. 

The number of vaccine injuries is growing every year and needs to become more public.

On this website we have gathered information so everyone could make an informed choice whether to vaccinate or not.

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About us

There are many vaccine injured children in Estonia. In September 2017, the parents of those vaccine injured children started an association. In January 2018, we sent a letter to all the schools in Estonia which included terms and conditions of Informed Consent for HPV vaccine. Since then our association began to receive numerous reports of vaccine side effects, and as of December 21, 2018, we officially registered the NGO Parents of Vaccine Injured Children.

From the beginning of 2020, our NGO is representing Estonia in the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV). EFVV was founded in 1998 as an umbrella organisation for European pro-choice organisations and groups whose goal is to raise public awareness and inform politicians and media about the risks and benefits of vaccines.

Vaccine damages may include but not limited to erythematous injection site and mild fever but also otitis media, bronchitis, laryngitis, meningitis, eczema, dermatitis, allergy, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, lupus, migraine, behavioral disorders, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, eating disorder and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Awareness, diagnosis and registration of vaccine injures is taboo for many doctors, state officials and the media. Therefore, parents do not have enough information, and as parents we often do not realize that the chronic health problems of a child are actually side effects of vaccines.

Unfortunately, the vaccine damages are increasing yearly and need wider recognition.

We see emergence of new disturbing information about vaccines, independent documentaries are being produced, and research revealing the side effects of vaccines. The side effects of vaccines are far more serious and more frequent than what we have been told, and many doctors and scientists around the world have already confirmed this.

Parents of vaccine injured children want the public to be aware of ingredients and side effects of vaccines and to share this important information with others.

Let’s support each other and make an informed choice.




Parents of vaccine injured children write about their experiences with the Estonian medical system.

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Local and international news.

Asian man getting vaccinated

Estonian website about the dangers and side effects of the corona vaccine and your rights.


Chat and current information on vaccine side effects. Join the group and share your story for advice.


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Detailed information on vaccine safety, efficacy, necessity, risk / benefit and long-term effects:

Extract of a story by a mother of vaccine injured child:

“After vaccination, the child's mood changed drastically - he was whining all the time, no longer enjoyed his usual activities or games, no longer smiled, he become intolerant to music. When someone sang along to a children song, the child began to yell on top of his lungs. Every sound hurt his ears.

He was no longer sleeping normally at night. Nights were filled with interrupted sleep and constant crying. The child began to experience frantic pains and we could no longer understand whether the stomach, the head or the whole body was aching.

Suddenly, the healthy child was constantly sick. Almost every disease came with ear infections and endless treatment with rounds of antibiotics.

By the age of 1.2 years my child had become completely apathetic. He was no longer interested in anything. Mom and Dad were like strangers to the child, the child completely lost his eye contact, all speech, he no longer spoke a single word. The child only cried strangely and screamed constantly. His days were spent sitting alone and spinning car wheels.

It was impossible to go to work and having a small sick child at home, I had to resign and left the job in order to look after the sick child... "


Write to us

If you notice a change in your child's behavior or health after vaccination and suspect your child might experience vaccine side effects, write us your story or question.

We will help you find solutions.

With your consent, we will publish the story anonymously, which may help other families.

To become a member of the NGO Parents of Vaccine Injured Children please send us an application.

You can fill out the application HERE 

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