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If you notice a change in your child's behavior or health after vaccination and suspect your child might experience vaccine side effects, write us your story or question.

We will help you find solutions.

With your consent, we will publish the story anonymously, which may help other families.

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The NGO Parents of Vaccine Injured Children was founded in Estonia on 21.12.2018.
In the summer of 2019, the NGO held a seminar called “Honestly and Openly about Vaccines” where 8 experts shared their knowledge and experience regarding vaccines. This documentary will bring you the highlights of 8 hours of presentations from the seminar. The documentary is full of information and content that aims to prompt further investigation and asking open questions.
Vaccine injuries are much more serious and frequent than we have been told. More and more scientists and doctors all around the world confirm this.
Other developed countries, including our neighbors, have vaccine injury compensation funds. However, the official statement in Estonia is that we do not have vaccine injuries and no compensation has ever been paid. 
Acknowledging, diagnosing and registering vaccine injuries is taboo for many doctors, government officials and media. 
More and more parents started sharing their personal experiences with vaccine adverse events with us after our NGO was founded.
We discovered, that there are a lot of Estonian parents with vaccine injured children. These families stand alone, as doctors have told them that it is a coincidence or a genetic disorder.
As parents of vaccine injured children, we wish to raise awareness about vaccine safety and adverse events. We wish that everyone had the chance to make informed decisions. 
We thank everyone who support our NGO.