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Lühifilmis räägib Robert F. Kennedy jr Maailma Vaktsiiniohutuse projektist. Mida kõike varjab meie eest FDA? Sellel komiteel on võim luua miljardeid kasumeid ravimitööstusele. CDC loodab, et keegi ei loe 700 leheküljelist raportit. Kas me tõesti usaldame oma terved lapsed selliste organisatsioonide kätte? Palun leidke see 8 minutit, et vaadata film lõpuni!

Write to us

If you notice a change in your child's behavior or health after vaccination and suspect your child might experience vaccine side effects, write us your story or question.

We will help you find solutions.

With your consent, we will publish the story anonymously, which may help other families.

To become a member of the NGO Parents of Vaccine Injured Children please send us an application.

You can fill out the application HERE 

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